So now that I've made six different layouts for LLOM, I think it's about time I settle on one. I understand these hoverovers are something you guys enjoy, so I'll keep doing them. In the next few slices, I'll explain why Anthy is the prominent figure here. This is an Akio layout. Anthy is simply a means to an end. I could remove both his face and his hand and you'd still know he was there. Also, I've been trying for ages to sneak a picture from my NASA folder into a layout. Starry night, holy night...o wait holy has no place here!
See? You don't even have to see the rest of his face to know the expression he has. I love it. Yes, I added little pearly things to Anthy's hair. Shut up, they're cool. A woman's shoulders are the front lines of her mys-fuck, wrong devil. This, my friend, is an arched back. Look at her. And he's not even touching her yet. Menu's over there, dear.
I wish a gorgeous sadistic man like Akio would stop by and come-or it come and stop by? Damn, I'm confused. Hi Anthy! You seem less blank than usual. Akio's not Indian. He's just a black man that's also a vampire and thus pale for his race. Had I known what an unholy pain in the ass this layout would be to code, I'd have...well..done it anyway.
Look, a chopped hovering gif. You guys just don't know how much I suffer for this stuff. Actually, I wish I was back in the city.
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger...might be a bad choice of music considering what I'm doing. MY ROOM IS A MESS. Well no, but my mind is. I DON'T WANNA GO TO CLASS. Fuck school. I'll like it better when my campus has a phallic tower and hot dean. I really should be getting dressed for school... ....ok, a song titled 'Weapons of Mass Distortion' is no better... No more hovers! (They don't work in Firefox anyway.)
    I've been part of the nerdy SKU analysis community for about seven years, and in all that time, no one anywhere, myself included, has agreed on a single explanation of Akio Ohtori. The other characters are often similarly the subject of such inconclusive debate, but it's seemed to me that agreements and conclusions have always been the most absent in any consideration of who, what, and why Akio is.
    I do not offer here one complete essay on my version of Akio, but several short essays, from different angles and on different things. A comparison I notice in June, a facet of his personality I concern myself with in July. If you notice the frequent presence of Freud and Jung, don't blame me; I'm just running with the names Ikuhara dropped. My intention here isn't to in one swoop fully describe all that (I think) Akio is. I won't even necessarily stay true to my own interpretation of him. Instead, like all analysis of SKU, the most I can hope for is to see where a train of thought takes me, and offer you innocent bystanders a chance to come onboard.